Households in receipt of general housing allowance: Average rates of allowance, housing costs and household income



Housing benefits / General housing allowance

Data content

Households which received general housing allowance during the reference month and their average housing allowance, housing costs and income relevant to the housing allowance per month.

The report shows the household's housing costs as a share of their income relevant to the allowance both before and after qualifying for the housing allowance. The report also contains data on the average floor space of the recipients' dwelling and the housing costs per square metre of floor space.

Starting with the data for 2015, the circumstances of the households are deduced on the basis of household income, with each household included in one category representing particular circumstances of life. In the data for 2007–2014 the households' circumstances have been deduced both on the basis of the claimant's income and that of his/her spouse, and a single household may be included in two different categories.

Variables and classifications

Statistical reference period

Annual data available since 2007. Monthly data available for the current and two preceding years.

Updating frequency

Updated monthly. Annual data updated in January.

Data source

Kela. Statistical registers (total material) produced from the processing system for the general housing allowance.

Additional information

Additional information on general housing allowances is available at under Our Services » Housing benefits » General Housing Allowance and at the same address under About Kela » Statistics » Statistics by topic » General housing allowances.

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