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Illness / Reimbursement of medical expenses

Data content

Kela pays, out of state funds, reimbursement to providers of public healthcare for expenses for sickness and maternity benefits provided to persons who are insured in another country than Finland. The report covers reimbursement paid by the state during the statistical reference period. Data is presented on the basis of e.g. entitlement to medical care, the country responsible for reimbursement, the hospital district of the recipient of reimbursement as well as the date of the visit or the duration of the care. The data includes both outpatient care and hospital care.

A person who has received medical care is, in respect of state reimbursement paid during the statistical reference period, a person for the medical care of whom state reimbursement has been paid to a provider of public healthcare during the statistical reference period.

The number of hospital days is calculated based on the time spent in hospital. If the time spent in hospital continues into the new year, the care days are recorded as data for the latter year. One invoice covers a single continuous period in hospital. The daily charge for a continuous period in hospital may vary.

The number of invoices is the number of Y31 forms on the basis of which reimbursement has been paid during the statistical period.

State reimbursement refers to the amount in euros paid as reimbursement for outpatient or hospital care expenses during the statistical reference period. State-funded reimbursement is paid to municipalities, joint municipal authorities or hospital districts by means of batch runs carried out twice a year. In addition, separate payments can be made.

Variables and classifications

Availability of statistics

Annual data available from 2008. Monthly data available for the current and two preceding years.

Updating frequency

Updated monthly. Annual data updated in January.

Data source

Kela Statistical register for state reimbursement.

Additional information

Additional information on rehabilitation is available at www.kela.fi under Rehabilitation and under Statistics » Statistics by topic » Statistics on rehabilitation services and benefits provided by Kela.

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